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Natalia Domagala

  • Challenging ideas to inspiring visualisations

    It all started with a couple of questions: how can we enhance grantmaking using open data? What can 360Giving do to support data publishers and promote the use of open grants data? To answer, we needed to come up with an interactive, informative and creative idea that would connect the two communities that 360Giving works […]

  • Data visualisation: truth or interpretation?

    Through our Digging the Data Visualisation Challenge we aim to unlock the potential of 360Giving data to help answer key questions facing grantmakers. Data, and open data in particular, is supposed to represent the truth and objectivity, as well as introduce the facts in an unbiased way. But what does ‘truth’ really mean in the age […]

  • Join us for Open Data Day 2018

    Mark Open Data Day by attending our show and tell session – come with your laptop, leave with a new skill! It’s no exaggeration to say we are in the throes of a quiet revolution – open data is changing the way we live, work and travel, yet most people still don’t know what open […]

  • Questions you want open data to answer

    Our Quest for Questions Challenge, a call out to the sector to share the burning questions you want open data to answer ended on 31st January, giving us 67 questions. They provide a comprehensive overview of the sector’s information needs. At the beginning of this journey, we expected to receive a few broad questions focussing […]

  • Challenge Fund – seven weeks in

    Seven weeks ago we announced our Quest for Questions as part of our new Challenge Fund project. We have been pleased to discover that there are so many aspects of grantmaking that open data can help understand and advance. Thanks to your engagement, we now have over 20 questions to choose from and we hope […]