At 360Giving, we help funders publish open data about who, what and where they fund using the 360Giving Data Standard

360Giving Data

At 360Giving, we help grantmakers of all types and sizes publish open data about who, what and where they fund using the 360Giving Data Standard.

This means that funders are sharing information about their grantmaking in a way that others can access and use for free. Because the data is standardised, it can be looked at and analysed all together, helping us all to understand grantmaking across the UK. 

Use the data

Whether you’re a grantmaker, analyst, academic or researcher, there are many ways you can use 360Giving data to answer your questions or tackle a data project.

Who uses the data?

  • Funders use the data and tools to see where they fit in the UK grantmaking picture. This helps them understand themselves better and coordinate with other funders.
  • Charities use the data and tools to explore funding for their cause, and to support research and planning.
  • Researchers, academics and technical users use the data to get a better picture of what is being funded and delivered across the UK.

To find out more about how to use the data, explore our tools, our services and support or book onto our 1-1 Data support sessions.
You can see how the data is already being used in our reports, publications and analysis.

Explore the data in our tools

We have created free online tools so that anyone can explore, analyse and download 360Giving data, helping us to see and understand grantmaking across the UK. Whether you’re looking to visualise UK grants, understand the qualities of 360Giving data or find out where funding goes across the UK, we have the tool for you.

Delve into our data visualisations

Find out more about the funding of the community of grantmakers that publish grants using the 360Giving Data Standard and get an overview of the data with our interactive visualisations.

Informing decision making through our reports

Through our reports and publications, we aim to inform funders’ decision-making and inspire practice. We help grantmakers to track trends over time and to gain further understanding of specific issues affecting the sector, such as the funding responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Technical users

We have created detailed guidance on the 360Giving Data Registry, the 360Giving Datastore, our licences, contributing to 360Giving software and more. This guidance is designed to help developers, data analysts, other technical users and technical partners of funders to access and use grants data published using the 360Giving Data Standard.