Our free platforms help you explore, compare and visualise 360Giving data for a fuller picture of funders and grants across the UK

It is now the norm for funders in the UK to publish data about their grants openly in the 360Giving Data Standard.

They are sharing information about their funding in a way that others can access and use for free. Because the data is standardised, it can be looked at and compared all together, helping us to see and understand grantmaking across the UK.

Having this information means funding can be more informed and effective.

Using the data

You can access and use 360Giving data in different ways. The platforms below are some that we have developed to help you explore, compare and visualise the data.

A search engine for grants data. Explore and download data about where funding goes and how much is given across billions of pounds of grants, for causes and locations across the UK.

A free tool to help you understand funders better. You can combine and visualise 360Giving and charity data, and explore funders across different areas – from their grant dates to types of recipients.

Data Registry
A list of all the organisations that currently publish their grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard, with direct links to their data sources.

The 360Giving Datastore offers a convenient way for developers, researchers and other users with more complex needs to access grants data published in the 360Giving Data Standard.