About us

We are a charity that helps organisations to publish open, standardised grants data, and supports people to use it to improve charitable giving

About 360Giving

360Giving’s vision is for grantmaking in the UK to become more informed, effective and strategic. 

What we do

Our aim is for more money to go to where it is needed most to support communities and good causes through a more informed understanding of the grantmaking picture.

Our mission is to help UK funders publish their grants data in an open, standardised way, and support people to understand and use this data to improve charitable giving.

We support funders to publish their data using the 360Giving Data Standard. This enables them to share information on who, where and what they fund in a way that others can access and use for free.

We also help people to access and use the data, and have created tools to make it easy to explore, download and visualise. Because the data is standardised, it can be looked at and analysed all together, helping us to see and understand grantmaking across the UK.

How are we funded? 

360Giving is a charity and we receive grant funding from charitable funders to support the services we provide. In order to make sure that funders can continue to publish their open grants data, and that anyone can access and use this data for free, we charge for some of our services, such as training. All of this earned income directly relates to our charitable mission and aims.

You can find a list of our generous funders below:

  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • Pears Foundation
  • The Indigo Trust
  • The Tudor Trust
  • National Lottery Community Fund

More about us

360Giving was founded as a charity in 2015 by philanthropist Fran Perrin OBE to support the funding sector to be more data-informed. Since then, we have transformed the way that the funding sector shares and understands open grants data. 

We’ve supported hundreds of funders to publish their grants and become a part of the open grants movement. Alongside developing our tools, we have provided training to the grantmaking community to develop their skills and knowledge to use the data.