Our values

We strive to act in line with five simple guiding principles

Our values


We have a bold and ambitious aim for grantmaking to be more effective and strategic, by inspiring funders to use data in their decision-making. We’re focused on driving meaningful change in philanthropy for charities, and improving outcomes for communities and good causes across the UK.


We champion open data for the public good. We help funders make grants data open and provide free, open-source, tools to make it more accessible, so others can use it to target resources where they’re needed most. We are open in our approach: we share ideas, challenges and lessons with others, and are open to feedback and committed to improvement.


We’re inquisitive and we believe in using evidence. We inspire and enable people to use 360Giving data to better understand the voluntary sector. We support funders to use data to inform their decisions, share insights and learn from each other.


We exist at the intersection of philanthropy, charities, data and tech. Through facilitating data sharing and insight in philanthropy, we work with funders, charities, researchers, analysts and developers to achieve our objectives, and strive to support them to deliver theirs.


We make data, our tools and support accessible to all. We prioritise people over tech, use clear language in explaining what we do, and strive to respond to people’s needs – whatever their level of knowledge or digital skills.

Want to find out more about how our values guide our work?

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