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Our History


We launched our COVID-19 Grants Tracker

To make it easier to access COVID-19-related grants data, we launched the COVID-19 Grants Tracker. This pulls and visualises data published by funders about their grants made in response to the crisis, updated daily.


We launched Data Champions

In our Data Champions programme, grantmakers come together to collaborate and learn how to grow a data culture in their funding organisations.

Four data champions tell their stories

We launched our 2019-2021 strategy

Our 2019-2021 strategy – Unlocking the Power of Grants Data – focuses on helping funders to go beyond sharing data, to improving its quality and using it more in their day-to-day work.

Unlocking the power of grants data - strategy title image

We won a Digital Impact Award

We were honoured to win the DigitalAgenda Business Transformation Impact Award for 2019.

100 funders shared their grants data

The Nuffield Foundation become the 100th grantmaker to share their data in the 360Giving Data Standard.

We launched 360Insights

360Insights is a free tool to help you understand funders better. You can combine and visualise 360Giving and charity data to understand funders better, and explore funding across different areas – from grant dates to types of recipients.


The 360Giving Data Standard was adopted by UK Government

The Open Standards Board selects the 360Giving Data Standard for use by central government departments and their agencies when disclosing grant giving data.

We visualised who funds with who

We used 360Giving data in a visualisation to see the connections between funders.

We co-wrote a guide to sharing data responsibly

The guide helps funders think about how to have better conversations about responsible data.

The UK’s largest independent funder shared its data

The UK’s largest charitable funder, the Wellcome Trust, shared £6bn worth of grants in the 360Giving Data Standard.


We launched our first data use pilot

Our first data use programme was launched, working with grant giving organisations in Greater Manchester.

We launched Beehive

Beehive Giving was launched, helping people looking for funds to connect with the right funders using 360Giving data.

Funder dashboard concept from ‘Beehive for Funders’

£4bn of government grants opened up

A first batch of central government grants was published to the 360Giving Standard – for the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Transport – as part of its commitment made under the Open Government Partnership.


£8bn of grants data opened up

£8 billion worth of grants data shared by 20 funders, bringing us closer to our ambition for 80% of UK grants to be openly available by 2020.

We launched GrantNav

We launched our free search-engine for grants data, letting you explore and download data about where funding goes and how much is given across billions of pounds of grants across the UK.

We won the Women in Data award

We won the Open Data Institute’s Women in Data Award 2016, presented by inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Women in Data Award


360Giving was registered as a company

360Giving was registered as an independent company and spun out of Nesta. A Board of Directors was appointed.

Our first staff member was appointed

A CEO was appointed and 360Giving was registered as a charity.


First steering group meeting

A project steering group is set up by the Indigo Trust with the Big Lottery Fund, Nominet Trust and Nesta. The initiative is met with a strongly positive response from grantmakers. Nesta agrees to incubate 360Giving.