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Explore our community of grantmakers and the grants they give through our data visualisations

Explore the data

At 360Giving, we help funders publish open data about who, what and where they fund, using the 360Giving Data Standard.

This means that funders are sharing information about their grantmaking in a way that others can access and use for free. Because the data is standardised, it can be looked at and analysed all together, helping us all to understand grantmaking across the UK. 

To show the scope of the data, we have created a series of interactive visualisations to help you to get a fuller picture of grantmaking, and demonstrate what can be seen through using our tools. View our ‘Who funds with who’ visualisation

Our community






of Grants Data

What types of funders publish 360Giving data?

These packed circles show the different types of funders that publish their data using the 360Giving Data Standard. They are split by Government, community foundation, grantmaking organisation and lottery distributor. 

Click on the different circles to zoom in, and use the selection on the top right to see the visual by number of recipients, or amount awarded in £GBP.  

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How has grants data grown?

This bar chart race shows the number of grants that different funders have published using the 360Giving Data Standard since 2015, when 360Giving was founded. The dates correspond to the date the grant was awarded, rather than the date published.

You can click on the different funder types to exclude their data from the chart to better understand one funder type. For example, selecting only ‘Government’ means you can compare how different UK Government departments and authorities awarded their data over time.

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Who funds with who?

This visualisation shows the number of recipients who have received funding from two or more funders, where there are 100 or more grantees in common to simplify the chart. You can click on the “chords” to see the number of recipients that the funders have in common. 

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UKGrantmaking data

The UKGrantmaking platform is packed full of interactive visualisations covering grantmakers, recipients, and the whole of the UK grantmaking picture. The graph below shows the size of charities who recieved grants over 2022-23:

You can find more data and insights including the data used for the report in the full UKGrantmaking.org platform:

Accessing the data

Open grants data can be accessed and understood by anyone, and it is used by funders, fundraisers, researchers and more. Find out more about our different tools, and explore the data today.