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Please note that we do not provide grants. Visit our blog for fundraisers or book on to a free workshop to learn more about how you can use our tools to search for potential funders.

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General enquiries

For general enquiries, email to get in touch with the team.

Publishing enquiries

Want to publish 360Giving data but not sure where to start? Visit the publishing section of our website and take a look at our Complete Guide to Publishing. For further assistance with the publishing process, you can email our Helpdesk team via

If you have a more complex question, or would like some direct support, you can also book a free 1-1 Publisher support online meeting.

If you’re an existing 360Giving data publisher you can also use these contact details to get support with updating your data.

Find out more about embedding your data on your website with a 360Giving widget.

Training, workshops and events

For questions about our training, workshops and events or your bookings, please email

Data enquiries

We have a range of tools which can help make it easier to search and understand the data. You can find out more about our tools in the tools section of our site. We also offer free 1-1 Data support online meetings if you are in need of extra help to understand and use the data.

Press and media enquiries

If you’re a journalist with an enquiry, please email or call 020 8145 7659. These contact details are for media enquiries only.

Consultancy services

For bespoke support, please visit our consultancy services page or email with details of the service you require to arrange options for a quote.

Technical problems

Spotted a problem with our website or tools? Let us know by emailing

Feedback and Complaints

We are continuously seeking to improve our services, our tools and the ways we work. The 360Giving team values any feedback that will help us to reflect and change for the better.

We recognise that from time to time there may be occasions when you feel that the quality or level of service provided falls short of what you expect. We want to know about these occasions so that we can address the problem and plan to avoid it happening again. You can share your feedback by emailing

You can learn more about our complaints process by visiting the complaints policy complaints policy section of our site.

Grantee data amendments

If you’ve seen something in our tools about your organisation or the grants you have received that looks wrong, you can submit a request for the funder who published that data to amend it. These requests can only be made by the organisation the data is about, and not by third parties. To submit a request, read our guidance on grantee amendments and then fill in our simple form. After submitting your request we will pass it along to the relevant funder, or contact you to discuss how the issue could be fixed.

Data Protection and Subject Access Requests

For further information about our Data Protection Policies and how to make a Subject Access Request, please visit the Data Protection section of our site.

Give us a call

If your question is urgent or you would prefer to discuss it over the phone, you can call us on our mainline at 020 8145 8043. Our team are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm excluding holidays.

Calls are directed to a member of the team who can address your query. We are a small team so in the event that no one is available, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible in office hours.

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*Please note the 360Giving team works remotely so the best way to get in touch with us is via email or phone as above.

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