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Embed your data with a 360Giving widget

360Giving has developed free widgets that allow publishers to display their 360Giving data on their website or intranet.

If you would like a widget, please complete the sign-up form linked below.

Why get a widget?

If you are a publisher, 360Giving widgets allow you to:

  • Promote your grants data on your own website in an easy-to-read way to demonstrate the kinds of projects and organisations you fund and the size of typical grants
  • Show your commitment to open grantmaking practices and funder transparency by publishing your grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard, which is good funder practice
  • Demonstrate to trustees, other funders and grantees that you publish your grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard
  • Generate interest in your data from stakeholders to show the impact of your work
  • Link to your webpage for the list of grants awarded in the year, to be used in your Annual Report SORP disclosure.

For example, you could add a widget on the page where you currently host your 360Giving file which shows a table of all your grants awarded in the last 12 months. Or, you could add a widget under each programme showing a chart of the amounts awarded within that programme.

How does it work?

The 360Giving widgets allow you to embed any 360Giving data on your website or intranet.

You can make a selection, choose what type of view you’d like (either a grants table or aggregate chart), and the widget builder will give you a small bit of code to include in a page of your website or intranet so you can display the 360Giving widget.

Making a selection in the widget builder works in exactly the same way as in our search engine, GrantNav. This means it’s possible to filter by keyword(s) to create thematic searches, but also by dates, amounts, programmes, geography and more. The GrantNav Helpsite includes tips and guidance about searching in GrantNav.

How can I get started?

Complete the sign-up form, and you will receive an email with further details about how to access the widget builder and accompanying guidance so that you can create your own widget. If you need further support with configuring your widget selection, 360Giving Helpdesk will be able to help you.