We offer guidance and technical support for funders who want help publishing their data or using it in their work


We help funders to publish open, standardised grants data, and empower people to use it to improve charitable giving.

I am new to the open grants movement

If you are new to the open grants movement and want to understand the benefits that open grants data can bring, visit the Why publish open grants data page.

I want help publishing data

If you work at a funding organisation and want help publishing your grants data, find out about the guidance and support available on the How to publish page. If you need help, you can also email us at

I want help using data

We offer free Office Hours for people who want help using 360Giving data, whether you are a funder, a researcher or anyone with a question you want to answer with the data.

If you have any questions about our work, the 360Giving Data Standard or opening up grants data, try our Frequently Asked Questions or the 360Giving Data Standard documentation. You can also get in touch via the Contact page.