1-1 Data support

We offer guidance on how to use 360Giving data, whether you are a funder, researcher, or anyone with a question about using open grants data

1-1 Data support

If you’re a funder, policy-maker, researcher, analyst, academic or journalist wanting to use open grants data, we can support you to understand how to use the data, and how the 360Giving dataset can help to answer your questions or develop your understanding of how to tackle a data project. 

We’re here to help if you get stuck, need pointing in the right direction or want to know more about the parameters of data collected using the 360Giving Data Standard – whether that be in a report, a presentation or independent research. If you’re not sure where to start or you’re stuck with a tricky data question, we will talk to you about how best to use the techniques and tools available.

Someone receiving 1-1 data support from our team.

What is 1-1 Data support?

Every Thursday we offer individual sessions with one of our team, by a video call (with screen-sharing). Sessions are free and booked on a first come, first serve basis.

What can I ask about?

We welcome any questions or queries about using data that has been published using the 360Giving Data Standard, from how to start using it to inform your funding to understanding its features and the implications. The session doesn’t have a fixed structure or objectives – we’ll ask in advance what areas you would like help with. 

Our 1-1 Data support opportunities do not cover the process of publishing your organisation’s grants. For more information on how to join the open grants movement, do take a look through the resources on the Publishing section of our website. 

How do I book?

Book a free 1-1 Data support call with one our team using the link below.