Researchers and the media

Support and resources for researchers and media who want help using 360Giving data and tools

Researchers and the media

Funders in the UK are publishing their grants data openly in the 360Giving Data Standard in growing numbers, meaning that billions of pounds of grants data can be accessed, analysed and compared for free. You can view more about the data on our ‘Explore the Data’ page. 

If you’re a researcher, academic or journalist wanting to use open grants data, we can support you to understand how to use the data, and how the 360Giving dataset can help to answer your questions or broaden your understanding – whether that be in a report, a presentation or independent research. We know that navigating open grants data can sometimes be difficult, so we are more than happy to talk to you about how best to use our tools. 

Tools to help you use the data

GrantNav is our flagship search engine for grants data, and lets you explore and download data about where funding goes and how much is given across billions of pounds of grants, for causes and locations across the UK.

360Insights can help you understand funding better by allowing you to combine and visualise 360Giving and charity data to see an overview of grants by amounts, dates, locations and recipient types.

If you are a journalist or researcher, and want to speak with us about using 360Giving data to answer your questions or broaden your understanding of data published using the 360Giving Data Standard, please book a 1-1 Data support call. 

If you are a journalist and your request is more urgent, send us an email at or call 020 8145 8043. 

Examples of analysis using the data

At 360Giving, we create reports analysing open grants data so that funding can be more informed, effective and strategic.