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Get started with grants to individuals in the 360Giving Data Standard


The 360Giving Data Standard has been updated to support sharing data about grants to individuals.


Over the past year, 360Giving has been working on a project to enable grantmakers to share data about grants given to individuals as 360Giving data. In our previous blog, we discussed the work we’d done to set up a Steering Group to guide the project, including to support the development of shared categories for use by funders of grants to individuals.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve now completed an update to the 360Giving Data Standard to introduce the concept of an individual recipient and two new categories. This means funders of grants to individuals can get started with preparing and sharing 360Giving data today! You can read more about the update, the steps to take, and support available below.

What we’ve done

The major new feature of this update to the 360Giving Data Standard is a pair of new fields that allow funders to share an Individual name and identifier – instead of an Organisation name and identifier – to describe the grant Recipient. These will allow funders to specify that a grant is to an individual. To protect the individual’s privacy the name is expected to be anonymised so the person receiving the grant cannot be identified.

Because sharing too much detail about a grant to an individual risks making them personally identifiable, the Grants to Individuals Steering Group developed a set of shared categories that will make it possible to share useful information to describe the grant’s reason (why the individual was given the grant) and purpose (what the funds are to be used for). Using these categories to label 360Giving grants to individuals will provide high level data that can be analysed together so we can better understand the collective impact of this sector.

The categories are designed to be inclusive of a wide range of funders of grants to individuals, including arts, research and social investment funders, and are therefore fairly broad. For some grantmakers, all their grants will fall within a single category, while others may need to map their internal categorisations, which may be much more granular, to these categories.

Support available

In order to support funders to start sharing data about grants to individuals, we’ve updated our Complete Guide to Publishing with a comprehensive new section for grants to individuals, including guidance on how to plan, prepare and publish your data, detailed data protection guidance and templates to make it easier to convert your data into the correct 360Giving format.

We will be hosting regular workshops on sharing data about grants to individuals – the next session is being held in June, which you can book now.

Next steps

If you are a funder of grants to individuals, please consider sharing data about your grantmaking using the 360Giving Data Standard.

  1. Read our main guidance about getting started, and sign up for our introductory workshop to find out how to get started.
  2. Read our full guidance on grants to individuals to learn how to prepare and publish your data.
  3. Register with our Helpdesk when you’re ready to start publishing.

For existing 360Giving publishers, you can incorporate this into your normal publishing process. If you need further support, please book a 1-1 Publisher support call or for small queries contact the Helpdesk via