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Blogs about technical updates to our tools and the 360Giving Data Standard

  • How notebooks can boost your work with data

    David Kane is a data scientist and researcher and has over ten years experience working with charity data. He is also the Product Lead at 360Giving, a charity that helps funders publish open data about their grants, and empowers people to use this data to improve charitable giving. You can use 360Giving’s search engine for […]

  • Understanding historic grants through consistent comparison

    An important part of funding is understanding the impact those grants are having. However this is difficult when there are inconsistencies with how data is collected, managed and analysed. Below, Dr Emma Horrigan – City Bridge Trust’s Data Analyst and recent 360Giving Data Champion – shares how she compares their past and present performance consistently, […]

  • Creating a data culture in community foundations

    Guest post by Dirk Slater, FabRiders – a strategic social change consultancy Over the past eight months we’ve been developing a network of Data Champions working in community foundations across the UK. The initiative is a collaboration between 360Giving, FabRiders and UK Community Foundations. In April 2019 we held a workshop focusing on how to strengthen […]

  • Identifying who is being funded

    Back in 2018 we focused some of our labs work on organisational identifiers – the important numbers that help us to differentiate between organisations. We wrote a bit about identifiers and why they are important here and here. Our work last year focussed on how many of the grantmakers publishing to the 360Giving Standard are […]

  • Metadata: explaining the data

    Guest post by Rob Redpath, Open Data Services Co-operative. ODSC works closely with the 360Giving team, providing tools and support for publishers and users of 360Giving data. If you want to find data that is published in the 360Giving Standard, you can go to the 360Giving Registry. To understand which files are relevant to you, […]