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UK grantmaking during the pandemic – Explore our new research


Data shared by 174 grantmakers on their Covid relief and recovery funding – covering 66,000 grants worth almost £2.4 billion – has been analysed and summarised by David Kane (Analysis Lead, 360Giving) in newly-published interactive research.

Key findings from the report show that funders acted quickly and responsively, and adapted approaches to reach communities disproportionately affected by the pandemic. In this blog we’re sharing how this research and data can be practically used.

Visualising the data collected

Our Covid relief and recovery grants research delves into how grant funding changed over time, the types of grant that were awarded and funding patterns that emerged since March 2020. Throughout the report we have included interactive charts which can be used to understand the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of grantmaking since the pandemic hit. We’re encouraging you to explore the data more and use it as a starting point to use our tools such as GrantNav and the COVID-19 Grants Tracker.


Included in the research is our methodology and we have explained how we have interpreted the data. The 360Giving team hopes that this provides a foundation for others wishing to use the 360Giving standard and the tools that we have developed. We’ve also worked with data publishers to help them increase the quality and completeness of their grants data, and will continue to do so with current and new publishers.

Acknowledging what’s missing

This research shows what is possible with the data when it is published, but we have also openly shared the limitations of the dataset that we have been working with. In particular we were unable to analyse geographic data of where grants were spent, and did not have all the data needed to understand the full regranting picture. These are challenges in the data that we were already aware of, but particularly highlighted by the Covid relief and recovery data and analysis needs. 360Giving is currently working with grantmakers to explore how the collection and publication of geographical and regranting data could be improved for the future.

Explore the research

You can explore the UK Covid relief and recovery grants: data analysis here. And please do share with us how you have used the data via either Twitter.