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Mor Rubinstein

  • Analysing grants for LGBTQI+ organisations

    The end of June was a time of pride. 🏳️‍🌈 To help mark it, I analysed 360Giving data to understand grants made to LGBTQI+ causes.  It was also a good excuse to use some of the new principles I learned from the book Data Feminism, by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein, and see if […]

  • Introducing the 360Giving Data Strategy Canvas

    The words ‘data’ and ‘strategy’ can seem intimidating when used on their own. Thinking about the two together can give many people, myself included, a headache. When we started to talk about the idea of ‘data leadership’ for our Data Champions programme, run with Dirk Slater from FabRiders, we thought we needed to tackle the topic […]

  • Small is the new big

    It’s Small Charity Week again! Last year we did an analysis of small charities in Lambeth and Southwark and examined the grantmaking patterns. This year, thanks to our new 360Insights platform, we decided to go big and explore grantmaking to small charities across the whole of the UK in 2018. For the purposes of this […]

  • Identifying who is being funded

    Back in 2018 we focused some of our labs work on organisational identifiers – the important numbers that help us to differentiate between organisations. We wrote a bit about identifiers and why they are important here and here. Our work last year focussed on how many of the grantmakers publishing to the 360Giving Standard are […]

  • How to make the most of 360Insights

    Thank you for using 360Insights. This post will help you learn how to use the platform and make the most of it in your work. What does the tool do? We took the seven most frequent questions we get from grantmakers about their funding and answered them with their own 360Giving data and other data […]

  • Telling tales with data

    We usually associate data as numbers. Scary words like average, mean and percentages are thrown into the air. Numbers are important to us, but the human brain cannot easily grasp large numbers and we are bombarded by figures and ‘facts’. To bring clarity and meaning to what we find in data and why it’s important, […]

  • Getting data active

    Data can be a team sport! That was one of the findings at the first Sports Data Expedition, held at London’s City Hall last week. Just like in a team sport, you need people with different strengths and skills to work together to achieve a goal. In our expedition, researchers, coders, storytellers and analysts from […]

  • Visualisation Challenge judging panel confirmed

    Between April and July 2018 we ran a Visualisation Challenge where we asked people to submit their responses to two questions: Who has funded what themes throughout the years? User-led organisations: Who funds them, in what thematic area, how much funding do they receive and what type of organisation are they? The entries had to […]

  • Three Tools to Help You Explore Charity Commission Data

    6 September 2018 Data held by the Charity Commission is valuable information for anyone who wants to understand the charity sector. The Commission makes lots of the information about charities in England and Wales available online via its public register, ranging from who the trustees are and the number of staff, to where and how […]

  • What did we do in our first Data Dive?

    Last month we had an exciting collaboration with DataKind UK, who ran a Data Dive for us. DataKind brings together data scientists with charities to collaborate on data analytics as part of increasing social impact. Their “Data Dives” are weekend events where volunteers come together to work on a pre-selected topic. For our Data Dive, […]

  • Who funds science and research in the UK?

    The UK’s largest charitable funder, the Wellcome Trust, has recently shared data on the billions of pounds worth of grantmaking it has made since October 2005. Although Wellcome already shared its grants data on its own website, having the data in the 360Giving Standard allows us to see these grants alongside grants from other funders, making […]

  • Join us on a Data Expedition and get to grips with data

    360Giving’s Data Expeditions deliver a double whammy, using a fun and dynamic step-by-step group process to both skill up organisations in the handling and wrangling of all kinds of data while throwing light on the issues they want answering. One summer day last year, the Blagrave Trust approached us to see if we could help […]

  • What 360Giving Data Can Tell us About Giving for Women

    For International Women’s Day, we decided to see what grants have been awarded for women’s causes using data published to the 360Giving Standard. Using GrantNav, we looked at the grant descriptions and searched for keywords that we know are related to projects targeted at women (women, girl, mother, female, rape, domestic abuse). For grants made […]