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Edafe Onerhime

  • Data Journeys: Building confidence and communities

    When we started the 360Giving data journey, we agreed on the usual things: objectives, outcomes and an outline of the programme. Data expeditions had already proven their worth, with growing demand for these one-day explorations of data. The extension of data expeditions into a data journey was an exciting leap into the unknown. Here’s what […]

  • A visual exploration of the 360Giving data journey workshop

    On 31 May 2018, I facilitated a data journey with 360Giving, focusing on statutory funding. Thank you to all the participants and my co-facilitators: Tracey Gyateng of DataKind UK, Anna Petruccelli of Comic Relief and Mor Rubinstein and Natalia Domagala of 360Giving. As Fran Perrin, founder and director of 360Giving, said: “Questions can change the world”. […]

  • Join us on a journey to draw insights from data

    From May to July 2018, we’re ‘digging the data’ as part of our Quest for Questions. This will be a journey to answer important questions about funding, led by our expert data analyst, Edafe Onerhime. We are taking our Data Expeditions – fun and dynamic group workshops to learn data skills – one step further. Do you […]

  • Philanthropists and Funders: Why spending out and closing down needn’t mean fading away

    Foundations, charities and trusts close. This is a reality for charitable organisations and philanthropists who’ve met their goals, merged or decided to spend out their funds for any number of reasons. Take the Northern Rock Foundation. An independent grantmaking charity, it aimed to improve quality of life in the North East of England and Cumbria. […]