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Getting data active


Data can be a team sport! That was one of the findings at the first Sports Data Expedition, held at London’s City Hall last week.

Just like in a team sport, you need people with different strengths and skills to work together to achieve a goal. In our expedition, researchers, coders, storytellers and analysts from grantmakers and public sector bodies came together to answer questions and to learn new data skills, datasets and tools.

They focused on funding for sport activities in London, how to reduce inactivity among Londoners and increase integration through sports in the different boroughs.

Led by 360Giving and the Greater London Authority Civil Society team in collaboration with London Sport, Upshot, and Substance, the expedition was an effective demonstration of how to start solving social issues with data and learn soft data skills along the way.

It was a valuable opportunity to understand what data is helpful, what’s missing and even getting interesting findings. We looked at which boroughs most and least funded in ratio to sports facilities or which boroughs are getting more funding than others.

The game isn’t over – there’s much more to explore and uncover!