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Visualise your GrantNav search in 360Insights


Our GrantNav upgrade helps you to understand further who, what and where is funding going to.

What is the new update?

As we announced in a previous blog on the most recent GrantNav upgrade, it is now possible to view the results of your GrantNav search in 360Insights, our free tool to help you to combine and visualise 360Giving and charity data to understand civil society funding in the UK better. This means that you can explore the results of your search in more detail for smaller result sets, including combining data on different funders.

360Insights allows you to quickly see summary information about your search, such as the number of grants and recipients, key visualisations including the distribution by amount awarded, award date and recipient type, as well as a map of grant recipient locations.

What’s different about the upgrade?

Previously, it was only possible to visualise the data from 360Giving publishers’ files in 360Insights by selecting from the list of datasets available, or by uploading your own file. It is now possible to combine any 360Giving data by searching and filtering the data in GrantNav to produce your own unique dataset, and then opening it via the “open in 360Insights” link at the top of your search results.

Screenshot of the datasets picker in 360Insights

Search results page in GrantNav with link to open in 360Insights

How can it be used?

Make any search in GrantNav that has under 10,000 results, then click the “open in 360Insights” link and view the results of your search in 360Insights.

When you use 360Insights directly by visiting it lets you look at grants from a specific funder. And through searching on GrantNav, you can refine results to make sure you’re looking at the funding themes that interest you most.

Your search can be refined using any of the filters available in GrantNav, including amount awarded, award date, UK geography such as country and region or district, funder type, individual funder and recipient, and now by grant programme title too. The filters are on the left hand side of the screen. You can also search by keyword or against any field in the 360Giving Data Standard, as well as fields provided by specific publishers, using the search bar. Our guide to targeting your search can be found here.

Clicking on the “open in 360Insights” link will open 360Insights in a new tab, which will then fetch the data and display key information and visualisations for your selection.

Why should you use it?

Whether you’re a funder, researcher or just someone who’s interested in grants data, it can be really useful to get an overview of grants made in a particular area, or within a specific theme or category. 

For example, here is a search for recent grants awarded by grantmaking organisations and lottery funders related to mental health in Scotland in GrantNav, and here is the same search visualised in 360Insights using the new link.

Screenshot of GrantNav search visualised in 360Insights 

A visualisation of mental health grants awarded in Scotland between 2019-21 grouped by amount range in £

Essentially, 360Insights is a brilliant tool for users to understand who, what and where funding is going to. We’re encouraging you to use the tool to help understand the overall picture, give you some perspectives, and identify things to explore further to support  your decision making. 

You can visit GrantNav here to make a search and visualise it through 360Insights. And please do share with us how you have used the data via either our Twitter or contacting the team at