Annual Report

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Annual Report

Annual Report 2020-21

It has been an unusual and challenging year for us all. At the end of March 2020, we said thank you and farewell to Rachel Rank, former CEO, and welcomed Tania Cohen in as the new 360Giving CEO just as the UK was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and the team was quickly adapting to work from home.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of data for decision-making and to support collaboration, with more interest in our work than ever. We ended the year with over 50% more funders publishing their grants data – including all central Government departments for the first time – and over £100bn in grants. These were major milestones.

During the period we prioritised supporting funders responding to the emergency. This meant that we delayed a number of planned projects which will be delivered in 2021-22. Below we share the highlights from the year set out in our Annual Report. 

Goal 1: Normalise open data sharing, & Goal 2: Improve data quality

The pandemic led to an increase in demand from funders wanting to publish their grants data and we worked hard to support this, including launching the COVID-19 Grants Tracker at the end of March 2020. We ended the year with over 50% more funders publishing their grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard. 

Black and white illustration. Text reads, goal 1: Normalise open data sharing. Total number of grants published: 559,761, up by 56%. Number of funders sharing data: 190, up by 51%. New funders: 64, up by 156%. Total value of grants: £107bn, up by 259%.

Black and white illustration. Text reads, goal 2: Improve data quality. Publishers with grants awarded within last 6 months: 47%, up by 27%. FindThatCharity users: 4,464, up by 248%.

Goal 3: Increased data literacy

We successfully adapted our data literacy programmes to be delivered online, including our Data Champions programme with 32 participants – our largest and most diverse cohort yet.

Black and white illustration. Text reads, goal 3: Increased data literacy. Participants in data surgeries: 44, up by 193%. Data Champions on programme: 32, up by 45%.

Goal 4: Enhance data use and shared learning

In 2020-21 we focused on supporting collaborations between funders with analysis and contributions to projects. This also included analysis for NCVO and Local Trust of organisations “Below The Radar: Exploring grants data for grassroots organisations”.

We have also improved our online tools, although some of this work has been postponed due to capacity and prioritising publisher support to respond to the pandemic. In March 2021, we launched an upgraded version of our search-engine for grants data, GrantNav, enabling better functionality for users.

Black and white illustration. Text reads, goal 4: Enhance data use and shared learning. GrantNav searches: 129,230, up by 30%. GrantNav unique visitors: 30,725, up by 41%. COVID-19 Grants Tracker users: 15,301.

Beyond the strategic goals

Over the year, central UK Government published a total of £77bn of grants data for 2017-2020 using the 360Giving Data Standard. This publication by the UK Government was a significant milestone towards our goals.

In response to sector needs, we developed a shared taxonomy for collecting equity data on behalf of the DEI Data Group of funders, and began developing an extension to the 360Giving Data Standard to support funders to be able to report on this data. Read more in our blog, ‘Extending the 360Giving Data Standard‘.


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Annual Report 2019-20

2019-20 was a pivotal year for 360Giving and we made good progress on our strategic goals. Below we acknowledge particular highlights:

  • We reached a critical mass of 126 funders publishing their data about over £30bn of grants in the 360Giving Data Standard.
  • With improved systems, guidance and technology, we worked to help funders publish good quality grants data.
  • We also helped funders grow their skills and confidence using data. We launched our Data Champions programme in November 2019, bringing 22 funders together to learn how to build a data culture.
  • At the end of March 2020, we supported funders in their response to the pandemic by developing the COVID-19 Grants Tracker – a dashboard to track and report on COVID-19 grants. We saw amazing, collaborative engagement from funders in particular around their responses to the coronavirus crisis.