Annual Report

Find out more about our work with our Annual Report and financial statements

Annual Report

Annual Report 2019-20 (PDF)

Founder’s statement:

“This has been a pivotal year for 360Giving. We reached a critical mass of funders publishing their grants data openly in the 360Giving Data Standard, meaning that over £30 billion of grants can now be accessed and compared online, for free. At the start of 2019, we set out a strategy for how we build on our success over the next three years. Over the course of the year, we’ve made significant progress towards our goals: to normalise open data sharing amongst funders; improve the quality of the data; help funders become more data literate; and grow data use and shared learning.

“With improved systems, guidance and technology, we’ve worked to help funders publish good quality grants data with minimal input from us. And to help funders grow their skills and confidence using data, our new Data Champions programme has brought them together for data training and peer-learning.

“We have seen amazing, collaborative engagement from funders in particular around their responses to the coronavirus crisis. To support them in doing the important job of getting grants where they were urgently needed, we developed the COVID-19 Grants Tracker – a dashboard to track and report on COVID-19 grants. This has been cited regularly and served as a timely example of how much value open data can bring.” Read the full statement and Annual Report (PDF)

– Fran Perrin, 360Giving Founder and Chair