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The 360Giving forum – a place for discussion


It all began with the standard

When we started 360Giving, we put a lot of effort into designing a data standard that will help answer some of the big questions about grantmaking. The 360Giving Standard is open and so it belongs to everyone; but in order for people to use it, we knew it had to be easy to understand.

One of the challenges with data standards is making sure they remain relevant, so we wanted to encourage public discussion as the Standard evolves. We also wanted to make it easy for people to share their feedback on what it was like to publish, share and use 360Giving data.

The 360Giving forum

We have set up an online forum where people can ask questions, share learnings, provide feedback and work together. The forum is a designated space where you can discuss practical questions and publically log any emerging issues.

Users need to register to participate in the discussions; but anyone can access and read all the content without signing up. You can also track topics of interest and be notified about new discussions via email – and even reply by email and have your response automatically posted. You can also share your discussion threads and invite others to join the conversation.

How do I sign up?

It’s very easy. All you need to do is to click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner, fill in your name and email details, and you’re ready to go! The forum is free and open to everyone.



Join the conversation here to help us shape and enhance the grantmaking sector.

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