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Join us for Open Data Day 2018


Mark Open Data Day by attending our show and tell session – come with your laptop, leave with a new skill!

It’s no exaggeration to say we are in the throes of a quiet revolution – open data is changing the way we live, work and travel, yet most people still don’t know what open data is.

Harvard Professor David Eaves was one of the first to see how open data would transform the world, which is why seven years ago he established Open Data Day, an international event that would draw attention to open data, spread the word about it, encourage its use, and create a community around it.

The day is an opportunity for organisations to present the benefits of open data and encourage the adoption and use of open data policies in governments, business and civil society and encourage participation.

We will be celebrating this year’s Open Data Day by holding a Show & Tell session on March 5th, where you will discover tools that can enhance your own data use, and learn how to map, analyse and showcase your data. The presentations will be followed by a hands-on session working with the tools, with data experts and the 360Giving team ready to take questions and help solve practical problems. Bring your laptops and data, and by the end of the session you will acquire a new skill. You will learn more about why data standards matter and how to share and use your data alongside other datasets. This will bring new insight and understanding to your work and has the potential to increase your impact.

You can sign up and read more about the event here.

As Prof. Eaves said, ‘let’s raise some awareness, build something and have some fun.’ See you at the Open Data Day 2018 celebrations!

What else can you do to participate in Open Data Day 2018?

  • Make a pledge – do you want to publish your data this year? Tell us about it! Tweet at us with the hashtag #360OpenDataDay and get in touch with our Partnerships and Engagement Manager to guide you through the publishing process.
  • Blog and tweet about how open data can improve your work (and don’t forget to tag us @360Giving).
  • Host your own event. You can find more guidance and resources here.

For more information on Open Data Day and the different events being held around the world, see here.