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Tag: Data Visualisation

  • Revealing the bigger picture

    For the first time, those concerned about social issues are able to easily gain insights into who gives grants for different aspects of our lives and in our places. In response to a unique competition run by 360Giving and funded by the Big Lottery, designers, analysts and data journalists from around the world have been […]

  • Visualisation Challenge judging panel confirmed

    Between April and July 2018 we ran a Visualisation Challenge where we asked people to submit their responses to two questions: Who has funded what themes throughout the years? User-led organisations: Who funds them, in what thematic area, how much funding do they receive and what type of organisation are they? The entries had to […]

  • Data visualisation: truth or interpretation?

    Through our Digging the Data Visualisation Challenge we aim to unlock the potential of 360Giving data to help answer key questions facing grantmakers. Data, and open data in particular, is supposed to represent the truth and objectivity, as well as introduce the facts in an unbiased way. But what does ‘truth’ really mean in the age […]

  • Visualising media grants

    The Foundation Center and Media Impact Funders have launched a new tool for visualising media grants: It plots foundations and grantees onto a global map, and enables reporting on the flow of funds to support a wide range of media and technology initiatives. The tool features data on grants dating back to 2009 and […]