Our History

2013: An open data standard is created that allows grantmakers to publish their information in an open, comparable format that anyone can freely access, use and re-use.

2014: A project steering group is set up by the Indigo Trust with Big Lottery Fund, Nominet Trust and Nesta. The initiative is met with a strongly positive response from grantmakers, both in the UK and internationally.

2015: 360Giving is established as a charity to help drive this work forward. Our Board of Directors includes grantmakers, fundraisers, researchers and open data experts who understand the challenges each of these different stakeholders face.

2016: GrantNav is launched, bringing together open, comparable grants data for the first time – so anyone can easily see who is funding what, where and how much.

2017: Beehive Giving is launched, helping fundseekers connect to the right funders using 360Giving data.

Read more about our plans in our organisation strategy.