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Month: January 2019

  • Securing a data-informed future

    We are delighted to announce that more funders are coming together to support a more data-informed sector, with grants to support 360Giving’s work in 2019 and beyond. In awarding a £20,000 grant for 2019, Pears Foundation’s Sir Trevor Pears CMG said “As passionate believers in the importance and value of philanthropy, we are delighted to […]

  • Why unknown unknowns can be valuable

    Guest blog post by Martin Brookes of Brookes Impact Partnership Just after the United States entered the second world war in 1941, Winston Churchill visited US President Roosevelt and stayed in the White House. During the visit, Roosevelt went into his guest’s room just after Churchill had stepped out of the bath naked. According to […]

  • Telling tales with data

    We usually associate data as numbers. Scary words like average, mean and percentages are thrown into the air. Numbers are important to us, but the human brain cannot easily grasp large numbers and we are bombarded by figures and ‘facts’. To bring clarity and meaning to what we find in data and why it’s important, […]

  • Getting your head around the distribution of funding

    Guest post by Kimberley Anscombe of Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI).  Nearly 100 grantmakers are now publishing their funding as open data via 360Giving, making it possible to get a richer, fuller picture of the funding landscape across the UK. And for individual funders, publishing data in a standardised format makes it easier for them […]