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Giving Trends – Top 300 Foundations 2014 report


Fascinating morning at the launch of the Association of Charitable Foundations and CASS Business School report on the Top 300 UK Foundations Giving Trends.  It’s an excellent piece of work, but we were struck how much richer and easier the work would be if grant makers published their grants to an open data standard along the lines of #360giving.  A number of speakers from the floor and the platform said that the grant making sector desperately needed more information.  As Jon Cracknell put it:

‘We can’t do our grant making any worse if we know what each other is doing, surely?’

Professor Cathy Pharoah, said:

“Better data on philanthropy is increasingly vital. It helps provide a realistic context for assessing the feasibility of political aspirations for the role of private philanthropy in public welfare provision. We also need to know whether philanthropy is growing at a time of increasing private wealth, but continuing social inequality.”

It was good to hear from Anna de Pulford from Dulverton Trust who is doing some fascinating work on Salesforce for grant management and building a plug in to allow that to export data in the 360giving format.

The report, great work largely by Cathy Pharoah of Cass will be online here shortly.  Here’s a round up of the tweets: 

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