Why publish grants data openly?

There are many reasons why funders should publish their grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard, from understanding themselves better to enabling better grantmaking across the UK

Why publish open grants data?

Over 225 funders now publish their grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard, meaning that over £173bn of grants data can be looked up, compared and analysed across the UK.

This brings lots of benefits, both for the funders who publish their grants data and for society.

Benefits for funders

Publishing your grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard benefits your funding organisation in numerous ways.

It helps you understand yourself better. The publishing process encourages you to consider what information you collect, how you want to present it, and what information is missing. Once your data is published, it is easy to analyse and visualise it using our 360Insights tool. This helps when you want to report on your funding, check assumptions you have, or monitor progress against your organisational strategy.

It sends a message to your grantees and fellow funders. Openly publishing your data sends a message to fellow funders, grantees and wider society that you are part of the open grants movement. It means you are doing your bit to help make grantmaking in the UK more joined up, informed and effective.

You can join a peer-network of Data Champions. Publishing organisations can also apply to join our Data Champions programme, a peer-network for people in funding organisations looking to learn how to use data to make more informed decisions, and improve the effectiveness of their grantmaking.

Benefits for society

Information is an asset. It is also knowledge and power. With 360Giving data, we can map the landscape of UK funding so that anyone can easily find who is funding what, how much and what for.

It saves time and money for the sector. When financial flows from funders to beneficiaries are opaque, it increases costs for all in the sector – collaboration between funders is harder; due diligence is done with limited information and grant applicants face significant information barriers to find out who might fund them.

It gives us a fuller picture of grantmaking in the UK. If we can see where grants go across the country, we can spot trends and find out important things like which areas are under-funded.

It helps bring better outcomes for recipients. By saving resources and enabling better, more targeted funding decisions, 360Giving data helps funders focus on what’s most important: meeting the needs of their beneficiaries – the people, organisations and causes that they want to support.

Publishing support

For help publishing your grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard, visit the ‘How to publish your data‘ page or read our short blog, Getting started with our new Complete Guide to Publishing.