How to publish your grants data

Here are the steps you can take, and the support we can give you, to openly publish your grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard

Publishing your data

Here is an overview of the guidance available and the support we can give you, to openly publish your grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard. If you want to know the benefits of publishing, visit Why publish open grants data?

Our complete guide

We have written a complete guide to publishing grants using the 360Giving Data Standard.

As well as serving as an introductory document for funders new to the Data Standard, this guide will also be useful for:

  • People taking over responsibility for preparing and sharing 360Giving data for their organisation from a colleague.
  • Anyone who wants to know more about what sharing 360Giving data involves.

What does the guidance include?

The guidance will help funders through the key stages of the publishing process – planning your approach, preparing data, publishing the information openly or making regular updates. Below are the key questions answered in the guidance

How do we plan our process and the scope of our data?

What does this cover?

  • Deciding what grant information to publish – the scope of the fields, what time period your data will cover and whether you will be sharing data about all of your grants.
  • Checking if there are any data protection and privacy considerations, and review your policies to ensure you can share your data responsibly.

How do we prepare our data?

What does this cover?

  • Deciding what type of file to use when publishing your data and the method for preparing your grants with the correct data formatting. The grants management systems your organisation uses to collect and store information about your grants will influence your choices.
  • Checking the prepared data is ready to be published using the 360Giving Data Quality tool.

How do we publish our data?

What does this cover?

  • Making your 360Giving data available online by publishing the file on your website.
  • Selecting an open data license that gives users permission to use your data.
  • Letting 360Giving know about your published file so it can be added to the 360Giving Data Registry.

How do we update our data?

This covers:

  • Deciding how frequently to make updates to your 360Giving data.
  • Making a note of your publishing processes as a reminder for next time.

Getting further help

This guidance aims to support funders through the 360Giving publishing process. If you have read the guidance and you still can’t find the information you need, or you have further questions, please get in touch 360Giving Helpdesk via

Want to help us improve our publisher guidance?

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our publisher guidance, please fill in our Feedback Form.