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For this report we’ve organised UK grantmakers into a number of different segments based on their grantmaking characteristics, with five broad categories. The categories are:

  • Grantmaker – UK trusts and foundations making grants, generally to charities and non-profit groups in the UK. Includes Community Foundations, family and corporate foundations and others.
  • Charity – grantmaking alongside other charitable activities or in the support of a single cause or institution.
  • Government – grantmaking by central, local and devolved government.
  • Lottery – grants made by the National Lottery Distributors.
  • Other – Donor advised funds and international grantmakers.

More details on this segmentation are available in our methodology.

Number and size of UK grantmakers
By grantmaking segment, 2021-22

Category Segment Total income Total spending Spending on grants Number of grantmakers
Grantmaker Community Foundation £229m £178m £140m 54
Corporate Foundation £1,479m £1,346m £563m 122
Family Foundation £1,824m £2,048m £2,007m 210
Fundraising Grantmaker £949m £949m £415m 58
General grantmaker £3,050m £2,612m £1,737m 1,264
Government/Lottery Endowed £95m £192m £115m 9
Member/Trade Funded £695m £745m £344m 915
Small grantmaker £1,837m £1,144m £889m 8,665
Wellcome Trust £410m £1,365m £848m 1
Lottery Lottery Distributor £1,969m 12
Charity Charity £2,979m 293
NHS/Hospital Foundation £301m 157
Government Local £600m 400
Central £4,983m 15
Devolved £631m 3
Arms Length Body £153m 5
Other Donor Advised Fund £1,872m £1,630m £1,470m 29
Total £20,144m 12,212
Note that income and spending figures are not available for some segments. Where a figure for spending on grants is not available the total spending for that organisation is used instead. Figures for local government are an estimate based on research by the Directory of Social Change.

Grantmaking in the UK context

Figures from grantmakers shared in the 360Giving Data Standard (see the recipients page for more details) suggest that between 25% to 50% of government grants by amount go to registered charities, and around 50%-70% of the grant amount from other funders (the uncertainty of these figures is due to the grant recipients without organisation identifiers).

Comparing to figures from the UK Civil Society Almanac 2022, published by NCVO, suggests that between 14% and 22% of the voluntary sector’s income comes from the grantmakers in this report, with government grants accounting for between 3% and 6% and grants from other grantmakers making up 12% to 17%.