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We’re turning seven! 🎂


As we celebrate our seventh birthday, we’re looking back on 360Giving’s achievements over the past year. 🎉

A group at a table viewing 360Giving data on computers, featuring the 360Giving logo at the top of the image and balloons in the background on either side. Text on illustration reads “It’s our 7th birthday!”

New visualisations 

To celebrate our seventh birthday, we’re taking this opportunity to help you to better understand data published using the 360Giving Data Standard. To get a fuller picture of grantmaking in the UK, we’ve created a series of interactive visualisations using open grants data for you to delve into. 

Well deserved thank yous

We’d like to continue our birthday celebrations by thanking all of the 230 funders who publish their data using the 360Giving Data Standard. Without them, we would not have been able to transform UK grantmaking the way we have, making it more informed, effective and strategic. And this number is growing… Because of funders’ dedication to the open grants movement, you can now view over 700,000 grants, worth over £170bn in our tools.

We’d also like to thank our community of Trustees and Stewardship Committee members, as well as our partners, 360Giving funders, friends and supporters. Their encouragement has helped us to grow 360Giving and we will continue to work collaboratively to improve UK grantmaking. 

Our big achievements 

In celebrating our seventh birthday, and to mark our growth, we want to share some of our big achievements in the last year. 

360Insights upgraded 

Our tool 360Insights was upgraded with a whole host of new features. These include a heatmap of UK grants data, a new homepage showing the 360Giving dataset as a whole and the ability to filter data by geographic location, funder and funding organisation type. The upgrade has made it even easier to explore, analyse and compare open grants data through easy-to-access visualisations.

Data Quality Dashboard launched 

In February we launched the Data Quality Dashboard, which helps funders understand the key qualities that make data useful. The dashboard gives an overview of the qualities of the 360Giving data as a whole, as well as individual funders’ data. 

GrantNav enhanced and data exceeds £170bn 

After updating GrantNav with new filters, a link to 360Insights and additional data, in March we hit a big milestone: the data in GrantNav exceeded £170 billion. This increased the value of the grants that you can explore by 70% compared to the year before, and means that there is now a critical mass of UK grants data in our tools, including data from across sectors, including all central government departments. 

COVID-19 Grants Tracker data exceeded £4bn 

The grants displayed in our COVID-19 Grants Tracker – launched after the onset of the pandemic to track Covid relief grants – now exceed over £4bn. This came after central Government published data earlier this year on £477m worth of grants given in response to the pandemic.

Covid-19 research launched 

To celebrate the funding community’s response to the pandemic and highlight the information in our COVID-19 Grants Tracker, in November 2021 we launched our Covid-19 research: ‘UK Covid relief and recovery grants: data analysis’ which provides an overview of data published by 174 funders about the grants they awarded during the pandemic, and how funding patterns changed in and after March 2020. 

What’s next? 

It’s an exciting time for 360Giving, and we are looking forward to what will come next as we implement our 2022-25 strategy ‘Unleashing the Impact of Grants Data’. We’ve already shared our recent work to improve regranting and location data in the 360Giving Data Standard. Watch this space and keep updated with all the latest via our newsletter and Twitter!