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We offer guidance on how to use 360Giving data, whether you are a funder, a researcher, or anyone with a question about funding in the UK

Book an Office Hour

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We offer set Office Hours where we can give you one-to-one guidance on how to use 360Giving data. 

You might be a funder who wants to use the data to inform your grantmaking, or a researcher who wants to answer a specific question or understand the sector better.

What are Office Hours?

Each week we offer individual, 60-minute sessions with one of our team, either by a video chat (with screen-sharing) or a face-to-face meeting. Sessions are free and booked on a first come, first serve basis.

What can we talk about during the Office Hour?

Anything about using data that has been published in the 360Giving Data Standard, from how to start using it to inform your funding to data cleaning and advanced data analytics. We also offer advice on tools, skills and methods that can help you on your data journey.

The session doesn’t have a fixed structure or objectives – we’ll ask in advance what areas you would like help with.

What if my data is not yet published to the 360Giving Data Standard?

Office Hours are about using 360Giving data. If you would like help to publish your grants data for the first time, check our Complete Guide to Publishing or email

How do I sign up?

Fill in this form and we will get back to you to find a date and time for your Office Hour.