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Grantee Amendment Requests

See something about your grants or your organisation that looks wrong in GrantNav? You can submit a request for the funder to amend the data they shared about your grant by completing the form below.

Who can request an amendment?

The Grantee Amendment Request form is for organisations that appear in the data only. This is because the details of each grant are agreed between the funder and the grantee, so third parties may not submit requests to amend 360Giving data.

What kind of amendments can I request?

You can request an amendment to address any issue relating to data shared about your organisation and the grants it has received. This may be an issue with the grant Title, Description, Amount Awarded, Award Date, or other information shared about your grant. It could also be an issue with the Name, Organisation Identifier or Description of your organisation.

Note: 360Giving data is a record of a grant at the time the award was made. If something has changed since the grant award was made, but was accurate at the time of the award, you should not request an amendment via this process.

How do I request an amendment?

Click the button below to read the full guidance on how to submit your request, then fill out our simple form. We’ll ask you for details of the grant in GrantNav where you spotted the issue, and some information about your organisation so the funder can contact you to ask for further information and update you on a resolution.

What will happen after I submit my request?

The 360Giving Helpdesk will review your request to understand where in the data the error occurred. If the issue can be fixed by the funder, your request will be passed on to them for their consideration. If the issue is not something that can be resolved by the funder, we will let you know and look into other ways of addressing the issue. For example if the issue is caused by the way GrantNav displays data, we may prioritise a fix as part of our development plans.