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Our Data Champions programme brings funders together to collaborate and learn how to grow a data culture in their organisations.

The Data Champions programme offers you the chance to learn more about data and how to use it more effectively in your organisation. Collaboration and peer-learning is at the heart of the programme – you’ll learn as much from each other as you will from the leads and facilitators.

96% of 2020-21 participants reported that they would recommend the programme to someone working with data in a funding organisation.

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“This is a fantastic programme for anyone working with data in a funding organisation. It covers some core themes/principles of working with data and really helps lay down the ‘ground rules’ or things to consider when working with, talking about and presenting data.” – 360Giving Data Champion

What will we cover?

Each session will focus on a different topic to help you grow a data culture. The list below is an example of the topics we will cover, though there might be some changes. We’ve also published a series of blogs that share insights and learnings from each session to support you in your learning. Click the links below to read them or browse all of our Data Champion blogs.

“The whole experience has been fantastic from start to finish. Dirk is a great facilitator and I’ve found it so easy and so helpful to engage through the combination of the Google Doc, Slack, Jam Boards and so on. It’s also been great to meet peers in organisations similar to mine, but also quite different, and to have so many insightful discussions about the challenges we’re all facing.” – 360Giving Data Champion

What will you gain?

We asked last year’s Data Champions* how the programme had helped them…

  • Increased confidence – Over 80% said that they feel more confident working with data.
  • Increased knowledge – Over 90% said that they have increased knowledge of how to grow a data culture in their organisation, and 85% said they had a better understanding of how to work with data more effectively
  • Practical action – Over 75% said that they will change at least one area of their work plans or practices.
  • A supportive network – 85% said that they would feel comfortable contacting a fellow Data Champion to share information or ask a question.

*The figures are based on feedback from 26 out of 32 Data Champions.


“Definitely recommending it!” – 360Giving Data Champion

Who can join?

The programme is aimed at junior to mid-level staff in funding organisations who publish their data in the 360Giving Data Standard or are working towards doing so. You can view publishers in the Data Registry.

You don’t have to be a data expert or even have data in your job title – we welcome people with all levels of knowledge about data. You also don’t need to be in a direct grantmaking role although many of our participants do work with aspects of the grantmaking process.

Get an idea of who joins the programme by reading our blog about the previous Data Champions.

We are interested in increasing the diversity of programme participants, in line with our diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.

We particularly welcome participants from black and minoritised communities, people with disabilities, and people who do not have a university degree, who are all underrepresented in the philanthropy, data and technology sectors. If the programme is oversubscribed we may prioritise places and opportunities to people from underrepresented groups.


“This is one of the few forums I’ve been on that’s crossed the boundaries between private trusts and foundations, and local authorities.” – 360Giving Data Champion

When does the programme run?

The programme will run on the following dates from September 2021 to February 2022, excluding Christmas.

  • Wednesday 15 September, 9:30am to 1:30pm – Workshop
  • Wednesday 29 September, 1pm to 3pm – Discussion
  • Wednesday 13 October, 9:30am to 1:30pm – Workshop
  • Wednesday 3 November, 1pm to 3pm – Discussion
  • Wednesday 17 November, 9:30am to 1:30pm – Workshop
  • Wednesday 8 December, 1pm to 3pm – Discussion
  • Wednesday 12 January 2022, 9:30am to 1:30pm – Workshop
  • Wednesday 26 January 2022, 1pm to 3pm – Discussion
  • Wednesday 9 February 2022, (time tbc) – Workshop

The sessions will be held on Wednesdays and alternate between three to four hour workshops and two hour discussion groups. All sessions will be on Zoom though we hope to hold the last session in-person in London if we are able to. We will confirm this nearer the time.

How to apply

We are accepting applications for the programme now.

The programme is free to participants, but you must be working in a grantmaking organisation that is already publishing data to the 360Giving Data Standard or working towards doing so in order to be eligible. We are looking for people able to make the time commitment and have the support of their manager and organisation.

If the programme is oversubscribed, responses in the application form will be used to prioritise organisations and individuals who we feel would most benefit from the programme or are from underrepresented sectors or communities..

To apply, please fill out this form before July 8th 2021. 

We will confirm your place on the programme by the end of July 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact


The Data Champions programme is a stream of our work under our strategy and is run annually. 

360Giving is working with Dirk Slater to coordinate this programme. Dirk co-chairs the Data Literacy Consortium, a network of data literacy practitioners from humanitarian and civil society sectors.