Data Surgeries

We run Data Surgeries to help funders feel more confident using data

Data Surgeries

Data Surgeries are informal learning workshops for funders and others who want to increase their data skills.

It can be hard to find time to develop new skills, especially when you have a busy role and data isn’t central to your work. Data Surgeries are designed to be short, informative sessions to learn new data skills and work with peers to solve problems that can arise when working with data.

What is a data problem?

You can bring any problem you have using data, for example:

  • How to use different taxonomies or ways of categorising data
  • How to use geography data 
  • How to analyse grant application data
  • How to present your data to others

What happens at a Data Surgery?

Data Surgeries are informal learning sessions that last between two and three hours. We have two types of Data Surgery:

  1. Learning Surgery – in each session we’ll focus on a different practical data skill, and enable peer learning between participants from different funding organisations.
  2. Group Sharing Surgery – a facilitated group activity where we’ll work on a data problem brought by a participant. 

Data Surgeries are for non-experts. They are intended to be a safe learning environment for people of all abilities, whether you are totally new to data or want to brush up on your existing skills. 

We hold Data Surgeries online via Zoom. These are practical workshops, which will involve working on a computer or laptop and using spreadsheets and other tools. 

Anyone can take part in our Data Surgeries and you don’t have to already be publishing data in the 360Giving Data Standard to take part. 

Upcoming Data Surgeries

Come along to our next online Data Surgery on 14th December which will cover how to use GrantNav – our flagship online tool for exploring UK Grants data. 

We will cover: 

  • What is GrantNav? 
  • What is the 360Giving Data Standard?
  • How to search, explore and download data. 
  • How you can use GrantNav to support your organisation’s decision-making.

This surgery is for both new and existing users of GrantNav, whether you’re a funder, researcher, charity fundraiser, or anyone wanting to explore UK grants data.

You can find the Eventbrite sign up link here.

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