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Data Protection

Data on awards to grantees belongs to the grantmaker and information about organisations and the grants they receive is not personal data. However, grants to individuals, grants to smaller organisations, or named contact details for organisations, may contain or constitute personal data.

In general, open data should not contain personal or sensitive personal data that could allow a living person to be identified. Data published to the 360Giving Data Standard which does relate to individuals should be removed or anonymised to protect their privacy. Personal data that is published should only be done so with the consent of the individual concerned.

Before publishing grant information for the first time, review your privacy and data protection policies, and also look at your Grant Agreements or Terms & Conditions, which should provide a framework for promoting information about the grants you make.


Read our guidance about what to consider when publishing your grant data openly for the first time, and notifying your grantees about your 360Giving data.

An example of an open data policy can be viewed here, written by some of the experts who helped create the 360Giving Data Standard. It can be used as a template for any organisation’s data policy and adjusted to reflect specific circumstances and needs.