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Prepare: Formatting your data to the 360Giving Standard

Prepare your data using the D2 extract

Watch the Hyphen8 video walk-through and follow the instructions below to export 360Giving formatted data from your D2 system.

Each community foundation must be set up with access to the 360Giving reports folder in order to generate the source report and extract 360Giving formatted data. If you cannot find the 360Giving report folder in your D2 system please contact to request this to be set up. Download step-by-step instructions for using the D2 extract tool included in the PDF version of this guidance.

Check data quality and receive feedback

Once you have exported a file of your data using the 360Giving extract, the next step is to check that the data is valid. Valid data means the file includes all the required fields and the information has the correct formatting. Each community foundation is responsible for the data it publishes. You can check that your data is valid using this Data Quality tool, which will tell you if there are any issues with your dataset.

To use the Data Quality Tool choose the Upload option, and select the 360Giving formatted file downloaded from the D2 extract and click on the Submit button. Make sure the file is in Excel Workbook ‘xlsx’ format before testing the data.

Once uploaded, the screen will display a summary – a green tick means that it has passed (using the small arrow icon on the far right to display/hide detail). The Additional checks section highlights specific field values that may need further attention, as well as general feedback about the range of data in your file. The screen will show the first 3 locations where this issue is occurring and a hyperlink will allow you to look at the full list. Please contact 360Giving if you have any questions about using the Data Quality tool or the feedback you receive:

Is the Data Quality Tool secure?
The Data Quality tool has been designed to support people when they are preparing their data, meaning the data inputted into it is in varying stages of readiness. The feedback report you receive has a private URL which means only those with the link can access the page and the data. If your data is not suitable for sharing publicly then you should treat this URL with care and only share it with people who are allowed access to the data. If this URL is not linked to from public pages it will not be possible for people to come across it by accident.

There are further details about how the files are stored, and deleted automatically after 7 days. Click on the ‘More Information’ section on the home page of the tool:

My data passed the validation checks – is it ready to publish now?
Passing the Data Quality checks means the file is ready for use, including in platforms such as GrantNav. However, there may be further checks needed to make sure the information is accurate, and that the data does not include information that is unsuitable for publishing as open data. See Plan section on the data protection and privacy implications of publishing your data. Adopting an open data policy for your organisation will help to guide the checks you make before publishing data, and record the range and type of changes that may need to be made to your grant information before sharing it openly.

360Giving can look at the data you are preparing to check it and provide feedback. Please contact at any point during the preparation process with queries and questions.

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