Diversity monitoring

We have an internal development programme to support our continuous improvement

Diversity monitoring

We have an internal development programme to support our continuous improvement. This includes an anonymous diversity and inclusion survey each December to review our position. Figures here include staff and Trustees together, as our number of staff is too small and publishing this information alone would risk making individual members of the team identifiable.


We have a reasonable level of diversity overall – although recognise there is room for improvement. In particular, racial diversity in the staff team is limited and there is limited diversity on other identities and characteristics in the Board. Both the Board and staff team are significantly over-represented with higher levels of education and class factors.

Survey respondents self-reported the following identities/characteristics:

  • 82% Under 45
  • 64% Female
  • 18% LGBTQ+
  • 27% Disabled
  • 36% From communities experiencing racial inequity
  • 45% Attended UK State School – Comprehensive
  •   0% Highest level of education below degree level
  • 27% First generation to go to university

We actively sought to increase the diversity of members of the 360Giving Data Stewardship Committee in the recruitment in February 2022, and have successfully achieved this. This recruitment process was completed after the diversity survey so Stewardship Committee members are not included in the statistics above.

We will continue to review and improve on our practice to embed DEI across all our areas of work. We recognise that there is room to recruit from a broader pool of talent particularly those without formal higher education qualifications. To this end, over the last 18 months, we have used the Applied platform for all staff recruitment to try to reduce bias through anonymous application processes and structured assessment processes. 

We will continue to explore recruitment options to improve our practices as vacancies arise, as is viable within our budget and capacity.


There were high levels of agreement on the inclusion statements, but as always, room for improvement. All staff and Trustees agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements:

  • I feel like I belong at 360Giving
  • I feel I can be myself and express my identity in my role at 360Giving
  • I feel 360Giving has an inclusive culture where diversity is valued
  • I feel respected and valued at 360Giving
  • I believe that 360Giving is a safe and supportive environment

One was neutral on each of the following statements – with the remainder agreeing or strongly agreeing. Two staff members started a couple of weeks before the survey took place and this may have impacted results:

  • I would feel comfortable sharing with the CEO or the Chair if I required an adjustment
  • If I have a concern about harassment or discrimination, I know where to lay my complaints

One Trustee was neutral on the following statement:

  • I would recommend 360Giving as a great place to work/be a trustee

No staff or trustees reported seeing or experiencing any unwelcome comments or conduct, or any discrimination.