Code of Conduct

Our commitment to hosting welcoming and safe events.

360Giving Code of Conduct

We are committed to hosting welcoming and safe events as part of our work with the charitable giving sector.

360Giving hosts events including workshops, meetups and data expeditions that focus on building a better picture of the funding landscape and boosting our sector’s impact.

We are committed to creating spaces where people feel comfortable, respected and are able join in the conversation and share their knowledge. This Code of Conduct outlines what you can expect from us when you come to one of our events and what we expect of you when you attend.

Everyone is welcome at 360Giving events, regardless of age, sex, gender, experience, ethnicity, appearance, sexuality, religion and anything else. 360Giving events are inclusive places where you are free to share your ideas, contribute to discussions and agree or disagree. We ask that you are mindful of other people’s experiences and uniqueness.

360Giving welcomes diversity of experience, appearance and other characteristics in the people who attend or facilitate our events. 360Giving events are a place to be inclusive, collaborative and to contribute. We welcome suggestions from you about how we can improve our events. We ask you to commit to making everyone welcome when you attend our events.

If you cause anyone to feel unwelcome or unsafe, you will be removed from the event. Unwelcome behaviour includes but is not limited to: offensive or sexual comments or imagery, intimidation, disruption, photography or recording without permission, and inappropriate physical or sexual contact.

360Giving is committed to harassment-free events. Violations of our code of conduct may be reported face-to-face to a representative of 360Giving and will be dealt with promptly. If you have any concerns, feel unwelcome or need assistance, please let us know. You can also contact us via our contact page.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events.

Our thanks to Jack Sheppard and mySociety for their thoughtful Codes of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct is written with our values and DEI policy at heart.