360Giving Publisher Badges

Add a publisher badge to your website

360Giving Publisher Badges

360Giving publisher badge - yellow360Giving publisher badge - white360Giving publisher badge - teal360Giving publisher badge - green

Who are these for?

These badges are for organisations that publish their grants data in the 360Giving Data Standard. Adding a badge to your website will tell the world that you publish open grants data and are part of the open grants movement.

How do I add one to my website?

Choose which badge works best for your website. We recommend that you put your badge in the header or footer section of your homepage.

Right-click the links below and select ‘Save link as…’ to download your preferred badge.

We have also created some HTML snippets to insert the badge onto your website, along with a link to www.threesixtygiving.org. Further instructions on how to use HTML snippets.

What else can I do with this badge?

You may also like to add an image of one of these badges to your email signature, and hyperlink it to www.threesixtygiving.org.

Any questions?

You can email comms@threesixtygiving.org with any brand questions.