The 360Giving open data Standard

To answer questions with data we need to have a common language. We call it a standard, and it’s a model that helps to compare data between organisations easily.

For UK grantmakers, we have developed the 360Giving Standard for this purpose. We use this Standard to make sure that all your data is linked and can be easily “read” by different applications and users. This is how we make sure that when you use the data, the results that come up can be compared and are reliable.

The 360Giving data standard is:

Open data driven: providing a common way to share transparent and interoperable information on grantmaking.

Easy to use: offering a simple spreadsheet format for publishing and consuming data, backed up by a structured data model, developer-friendly JSON serialisation, and conversion tools.

Comprehensive: providing a full view of grantmaking. Describing the whole grantmaking process and supporting in-depth analysis of grants, grantees and beneficiaries.


In the following link, you will find the full documentation of the 360Giving Standard. It contains an overview of the schema and an explanation of each of the fields. The documentation also provides information on topics such as identifiers, data protection and licensing.

Use the following information to learn more about the Standard and understand how you can use it. Please note this documentation assumes some technical knowledge.

If you are just getting started with the 360Giving Standard, consult our publisher support pages. If you need any assistance with the documentation, contact us at:


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