Data Expeditions

Work with data from start to finish – from identifying a question, to finding and using data to answer it, to telling a story with it

Data Expeditions

Would you like to feel more confident using data? Do you want to use data to inform what you do?

A Data Expedition is a way of working with data from ‘start to finish’ – from identifying a question you have, to finding and using data to try to answer it, to telling a story with it.

Data Expeditions are a great way for an organisation or a group of individuals to learn new skills using data, and how to conduct analysis relevant to their work.

Each Data Expedition involves a series of guided workshops led by trained facilitators. Participants generally attend three workshops over a period of up to six months:

  • Workshop 1: Asking questions with data
  • Workshop 2: The data expedition day
  • Workshop 3: Storytelling with data

On average, each workshop lasts between 4-8 hours. There is no limit to the number of participants. By the end of the process, each participant will have one output to share with the group. These can be used to support future work on the topic and hopefully help answer some bigger questions.

Who can take part?

Sports Data Expedition with the GLA, 2018Data Expeditions are intended to support people from funding organisations who want to improve their data skills.

It doesn’t matter your level of experience – Data Expeditions are designed for mixed-ability groups, from total beginners to experienced data users. Each person is given opportunities to contribute in ways that play to their strengths.

What outcomes can I expect?

Each expedition results in:

  1. New data skills
  2. Things you can show off or use, such as visualisations and stories
  3. An understanding of how to address your personal data knowledge gaps
  4. Getting to know new people

Do all participants need to be from the same team or organisation?

Data Expeditions are about peer-learning, so it’s most effective when participants have a shared challenge or area of interest – whether from within an organisation, or when organisations or individuals come together to collaborate around a shared challenge or locality.


If you are interested in running a Data Expedition with us using 360Giving data, get in touch to discuss ideas:



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