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  • 100 reasons to share grants data

    Guest blog by Ian Hanham of the Nuffield Foundation The Nuffield Foundation is delighted to become the 100th funder to sign up to 360Giving. We fund research, analysis and student programmes that advance educational opportunity and social well-being across the United Kingdom. Good data used in innovative ways is central to so many of the […]

  • Learnings from creating a data champions network

    Communities are complex and getting a clear understanding of them is a journey Guest post by Dirk Slater, FabRiders – a strategic social change consultancy FabRiders’ capacity building work has focused on researching data literacy, designing social learning experiences and co-creating knowledge assets with communities and networks. For 360Giving & the UK Community Foundations (UKCF) we […]

  • See your grantmaking in new ways

    For the first time, organisations wanting to address social issues can easily combine and visualise data to get deep insights into their grantmaking. Coinciding with Open Data Day tomorrow, we have launched a free online platform called 360Insights. Using 360Insights, grantmakers who openly share their grants data to our Standard can quickly see information on […]

  • Open data in London

    In this joint blog, first published as London Plus’s launch blog post, Manny Hothi, Director of Policy at Trust for London, and Rachel Rank, CEO of 360Giving, outline the work our organisations are doing to open up data about London, making it easier for civil society, researchers and policymakers to access information about poverty, inequality and funding […]

  • Using Your Data: Office Hours

    Always wanted to use 360Giving data but don’t know where to start? Trying to understand how to use data in your day to day work? We are here to help! We offer set Office Hours where we provide one on one guidance on how to use data to support your grantmaking. What are Office Hours? […]

  • Securing a data-informed future

    We are delighted to announce that more funders are coming together to support a more data-informed sector, with grants to support 360Giving’s work in 2019 and beyond. In awarding a £20,000 grant for 2019, Pears Foundation’s Sir Trevor Pears CMG said “As passionate believers in the importance and value of philanthropy, we are delighted to […]

  • Why unknown unknowns can be valuable

    Guest blog post by Martin Brookes of Brookes Impact Partnership Just after the United States entered the second world war in 1941, Winston Churchill visited US President Roosevelt and stayed in the White House. During the visit, Roosevelt went into his guest’s room just after Churchill had stepped out of the bath naked. According to […]

  • Telling tales with data

    We usually associate data as numbers. Scary words like average, mean and percentages are thrown into the air. Numbers are important to us, but the human brain cannot easily grasp large numbers and we are bombarded by figures and ‘facts’. To bring clarity and meaning to what we find in data and why it’s important, […]

  • Getting your head around the distribution of funding

    Guest post by Kimberley Anscombe of Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI).  Nearly 100 grantmakers are now publishing their funding as open data via 360Giving, making it possible to get a richer, fuller picture of the funding landscape across the UK. And for individual funders, publishing data in a standardised format makes it easier for them […]

  • Like bees to honey

    Guest post by Suraj Vadgama, Founder of Beehive and Product Lead at CAST. As a funder, are you sifting through lots of proposals that aren’t relevant? Or as a fundraiser, do you waste time finding the right grantmaker to apply to? Over the past three years, CAST has worked closely with 360Giving to develop a […]

  • Exciting to witness how grantmakers are showing leadership

    This post was originally published by NPC. How on earth does anyone know what to fund? That was the question that bothered me and lead to many sleepless nights when I first became a donor. As a new philanthropist, how was I supposed to figure out what other donors are doing and make informed strategic […]

  • Expeditions to demystify data

    Guest post by Julian Tait, Open Data Manchester. Over the past few months, Open Data Manchester has been working with 360Giving to develop and deliver data training in innovative ways. To many people, the world of data is abstract and arcane. Even though there is an understanding of data’s importance in the modern world it […]

  • Five ways my foundation uses data… and a note to self

    Guest blog by Debbie Pippard, Director of Programmes, Barrow Cadbury Trust.  I’ve always thought of myself as a reasonably data-savvy person – I love a good spreadsheet and, given a quiet half-hour, can even navigate my way around the Office for National Statistics database . But I’ve increasingly realised that the world of data has […]

  • Unlocking funders’ treasure chests of data

    This is a repost from Civil Society Futures, where it was included as part of their final findings report.  Philanthropist Fran Perrin, from the Indigo Trust, found it hard to see who else was funding the initiatives she was interested in. She felt she was “giving in the dark” as she couldn’t get the information she […]

  • Funding playground – who funds with who in the UK?

    For #GivingTuesday2018 we are sharing a cool new visualisation by data scientist David Kane. Below he talks through what he’s created, and offers a recipe for making (or commissioning) your own version: The great thing about grantmakers publishing data about who they fund in the 360Giving Standard is that we can start to explore the […]

  • Getting data active

    Data can be a team sport! That was one of the findings at the first Sports Data Expedition, held at London’s City Hall last week. Just like in a team sport, you need people with different strengths and skills to work together to achieve a goal. In our expedition, researchers, coders, storytellers and analysts from […]

  • Challenging ideas to inspiring visualisations

    It all started with a couple of questions: how can we enhance grantmaking using open data? What can 360Giving do to support data publishers and promote the use of open grants data? To answer, we needed to come up with an interactive, informative and creative idea that would connect the two communities that 360Giving works […]

  • 5 ways to get amazing Charity Commission data

    Earlier this month the Charity Commission for England and Wales launched it’s “Statement of Strategic Intent“. One of the five strategic objectives for 2018 to 2023 is “Informing public choice” about charities – and they identify data as one of the ways to use this. As they say: Today, we collect and display basic data […]

  • Treating grantees’ data responsibly

    This post is based on the announcement by The Engine Room As you may have read, over the six months we’ve been working with Ariadne and The Engine Room to research how funders think about sharing data, to support them in doing so responsibly. Supported by Digital Impact (part of the Digital Civil Society Lab […]