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Governance of the 360Giving Standard

We are committed to the Open Stand principles for standards development. The 360Giving Standard will be developed:

  • Openly: The governance and management of the 360Giving Standard is open to all interested parties.
  • Fairly: Decisions will be made with equity and respect to due process among participants. Through an open process for submitting issues and requests for updates, no individual or organisation will dominate or guide the development of the Standard. All consultations and upgrades will be transparent and opportunities are provided to appeal decisions.
  • In consensus: The governance and revision process allows for all views to be considered and addressed, with the aim that agreement can be found across a range of interests.
  • Transparently: We will provide advance public notice of proposed changes or upgrades to the Standard and the scope of work to be undertaken. Records of all decisions and the materials used in reaching those decisions will be provided. Public comment periods will be provided before final approval and adoption.

The 360Giving Standard is governed by a Stewardship Committee. It is their role to oversee and account for the appropriate and timely maintenance of the Standard, including what upgrades are required and the process for making them.

The Committee meets every six months to discuss the Standard schema, look at how it is being used and consider any proposed changes or upgrades. This is a voluntary committee with representatives from grantmakers, users of 360 data and open data and standards experts. Secretarial support is provided to the Committee by 360Giving. The Committee is responsible for giving final approval to formal upgrades of the Standard and ensuring the governance and revision process has been properly carried out.

Current Committee members are:

The Stewardship Committee is directed and governed in line with its Terms of Reference. Committee members are appointed following an agreed process. If you would like to become a member of the Committee or observe a meeting, please contact us.

If you would like to provide ideas or feedback on the 360Giving Standard, please visit our online Discussion Forum, where you can post comments and suggestions and contribute to existing discussions. All feedback and suggestions posted on the forum will be taken into consideration by the Stewardship Committee and as per the governance and review process for the Standard.