Who uses 360Giving data?

At 360Giving, we help funders publish open data about their grants, and empower people to use this data to improve charitable giving.

Our vision is for grantmaking in the UK to be more informed, effective and strategic.

Funders of all shapes and sizes now share information about who, what and where they fund, using the 360Giving Data Standard.

This means that billions of pounds’ of grants data can be combined and compared across the UK, giving us a fuller picture of grantmaking.

Because it’s open data, anyone can access and use it for free. To make the data more accessible, we’ve created free tools that make it easy to search, download and visualise.

So who uses 360Giving data?

Funders use the data and tools to see how they fit in the wider social sector. This helps them understand themselves better and coordinate with other funders.

Charities use the data and tools to get to know funders better, and target their fundraising efforts.

Planners and researchers use the data to get a better picture of what is being funded and delivered across the UK.

You don’t have to be a data expert to publish or use 360Giving data. We provide free, easy to use online tools and support.