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Our free platforms help you explore, compare and visualise 360Giving data for a fuller picture of funders and grants across the UK


Beehive is a free, online tool which enables charities to find potential funding ‘matches’ easily online. It helps address the inefficiency inherent in the grant application process, for both grantmakers and grantees. The tool aims to help grantmakers who find themselves processing huge amounts of applications from charities they are unlikely to support. For grantees, Beehive aims to mitigate time wasted on unsuccessful grant applications.


GrantNav is a free-to-use platform that brings together grant data published using the 360Giving Standard; making it easy to view and explore. The tool enables users to search and report in detail on who, where and how much is given through thousands of grants from a wide range of UK grantmakers, with further data being added as new publishers share their grants openly.


Data Visualisation Challenge 2018

Designers, analysts and data journalists from around the world have created new ways to reveal how £24 billion worth of grants have been used. These visualisations were created in response to a competition run by 360Giving and funded by the Big Lottery.

Data Viz Challenge Fund Awards winner graphic


An open source tool for easy access to data held by the Charity Commission, CharityBase brings together all public information on charities registered in England and Wales, cleaned up and updated monthly. You can search, filter and browse the database, and pull data into your own website.  Read more here.

CahrityBase themes


CharityData provides a way of doing more in-depth searching of the Charity Commission’s Register of Charities. Highlights of the site include being able to do geo-location searches, so you can find all the charities in a local area; as well as search by trustees, income and the date the charity was registered. Read more here.

Find That Charity

Find That Charity aims to do one thing really well – find the official record for a charity when you search for it by name. Read more here.


Network Graph visualisation

Our interactive Network Graph visualisation shows which grantmakers gave funding to the same organisation in 2016, using data published to the 360Giving Standard.


360Giving has been awarded a grant from CARTO to use their mapping tool in 2018. CARTO is an open source tool that allows users to build insightful maps using 360Giving data and other open data resources. If you would like to build a map with us contact: