Data Registry

More than 50 organisations are publishing grants data to the 360Giving open data standard as you can see below.

This means they are sharing information about their grantmaking in a way which allows others to use it easily and for free. You can use the table below to download datasets from these organisations. You will see that each dataset has its own license attached to it. These licenses specify how the data can be shared and used. The data in these spreadsheets is used and displayed by a growing number of tools and websites. If you are looking for examples of what can be created using this data, please visit the Tools & Projects page.

Developers: For a JSON feed of published datasets visit

Using our templates you can publish data directly on your own website: keeping you in control. By registering your data with 360Giving, it becomes easier for others to find, analyse and re-use. If you would like to find out about the free support we can provide to help you publish your grants data, please contact us.