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Month: May 2019

  • What can 360Giving data tell us about funding across London?

    This was first published by London Funders on their blog.  I was pleased to speak at London Funders’ first Big Network Day on 14th February. The room was filled with different kinds of grantmakers – local authorities, charitable trusts and foundations, corporate funders and hosted by the GLA – a fantastic mix of organisations that […]

  • Holding ourselves to account

    Guest post by Paul Streets, CEO of Lloyds Bank Foundation, following his keynote talk at the launch of 360Insights in March 2019 Data is central to our work. We use it to canvas the confidential views of those we fund on how we’re doing; understand what’s going on in their ‘world’; inform our policy and […]

  • Creating a data culture in community foundations

    Guest post by Dirk Slater, FabRiders – a strategic social change consultancy Over the past eight months we’ve been developing a network of Data Champions working in community foundations across the UK. The initiative is a collaboration between 360Giving, FabRiders and UK Community Foundations. In April 2019 we held a workshop focusing on how to strengthen […]

  • A Forest of Funders

    Exploring the landscape of UK grant funders through a handmade data visualisation Last year we held a ​competition​ to celebrate ​how open grants data can be visualised. In the latest in our series about the winners, Dr Cath Sleeman takes us through her physical data visualisation. A Forest of Funders won the Special Judges Award. This […]

  • From sharing to using – what’s next for 360Giving?

    I’m excited to be launching 360Giving’s new strategy today. Our success over the past three years means that for the first time in the UK, it’s possible for anyone to see and compare grants awarded by over 100 funders all in one place. This data is transforming the knowledge base of civil society, powering new […]