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Month: November 2018

  • Unlocking funders’ treasure chests of data

    This is a repost from Civil Society Futures, where it was included as part of their final findings report.  Philanthropist Fran Perrin, from the Indigo Trust, found it hard to see who else was funding the initiatives she was interested in. She felt she was “giving in the dark” as she couldn’t get the information she […]

  • Funding playground – who funds with who in the UK?

    For #GivingTuesday2018 we are sharing a cool new visualisation by data scientist David Kane. Below he talks through what he’s created, and offers a recipe for making (or commissioning) your own version: The great thing about grantmakers publishing data about who they fund in the 360Giving Standard is that we can start to explore the […]

  • Getting data active

    Data can be a team sport! That was one of the findings at the first Sports Data Expedition, held at London’s City Hall last week. Just like in a team sport, you need people with different strengths and skills to work together to achieve a goal. In our expedition, researchers, coders, storytellers and analysts from […]

  • Challenging ideas to inspiring visualisations

    It all started with a couple of questions: how can we enhance grantmaking using open data? What can 360Giving do to support data publishers and promote the use of open grants data? To answer, we needed to come up with an interactive, informative and creative idea that would connect the two communities that 360Giving works […]