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Month: July 2018

  • Patchwork Philanthropy

    This blog was written by Rachel Rank, 360Giving and Helen Goulden, CEO of Young Foundation. The blog is cross-posted from the Young Foundation’s website (original can be found here) Patchwork Philanthropy – What can funding and spending data tell us about communities and place? Funders are increasingly ‘turning to place’ as the answer to addressing inequality. This […]

  • Toward Data Driven Philanthropy

    This blog was written by Stefaan Verhulst of The GovLab. The blog is cross-posted from the GovLab’s website (original can be found here). We live in an increasingly quantified world, one where data is driving key decisions. Data is claimed to provide the new competitive advantage for business, while making policy more evidence based. Yet, paradoxically, even as […]