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Month: June 2013

  • First catch your data

    It isn’t always easy for large organisations to just open the floodgates and pour data out.   There’s always a host of compliance issues, some real, some over-cautious.  Tim Berners-Lee’s original, highly readable 2009 article on bureaucracies and open data acknowledges this and urges them just to publish, not spend years agonising: Just do it…There […]

  • Meeting hosted by Indigo Trust on 20 June 2013

    Indigo Trust hosted a meeting at its offices to discus open data, philanthropy, grant making and the principles underpinning this blog.  The minutes will be published in due course, the following attended: Simon Marshall Big Lottery Funding Cathy Pharoah Cass Business School Owen Barder Centre for Global Development Beth Breeze Centre for Philanthropy – Kent […]