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Year: 2013

  • Update on activity

    In our view at Indigo, to achieve our objectives we cannot lead the argument with open data itself. Open data is a critical enabler to achieve benefits. It is the benefits that appeal to senior grant makers only rarely the data itself.  An update on activity since the kick off meeting. Nominet Trust, BIG and Indigo […]

  • Promising response from BIG to FOI requests for data

    BIG Lottery Fund is the largest of the organisations that distributes money from the state-sanctioned Lottery  in the UK. They have given a helpful response to my two FOI requests.  I made two probing requests – one for a set of grants data from a geographic unit of manageable size and one for the nature of data […]

  • First catch your data

    It isn’t always easy for large organisations to just open the floodgates and pour data out.   There’s always a host of compliance issues, some real, some over-cautious.  Tim Berners-Lee’s original, highly readable 2009 article on bureaucracies and open data acknowledges this and urges them just to publish, not spend years agonising: Just do it…There […]

  • Meeting hosted by Indigo Trust on 20 June 2013

    Indigo Trust hosted a meeting at its offices to discus open data, philanthropy, grant making and the principles underpinning this blog.  The minutes will be published in due course, the following attended: Simon Marshall Big Lottery Funding Cathy Pharoah Cass Business School Owen Barder Centre for Global Development Beth Breeze Centre for Philanthropy – Kent […]